What Our Fantastic Clients Say!

"Although I had a regular exercise routine, I began to struggle with weight gain and insomnia. I was frustrated and needed to try something different. I had never had a personal trainer before, so I really wasn't sure what I would get out of this but decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad I did! Susan works with the whole person- physically, mentally and emotionally. She teaches you about fitness and nutrition with an ideal balance of toughness and caring. I highly recommend Susan as your personal trainer/coach. She has helped me achieve results that I had never thought was possible."

~ Dawn Pless

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 10 years ago and had been "strongly advised" by my neurologist to start a physical therapy program. Susan's holistic approach - a structured workout based on client needs, diet analysis and counseling is the right combination to put anyone on the road to health and fitness."

~ Ronnie Labohn

"Susan is an amazing trainer and motivator! I can't stress that enough. I started with her because after physical therapy and 2 cortisone shots in 6 months, dealing with a torn rotator cuff, I wanted to try to rehabilitate through exercising to be as strong as possible before surgery... or avoid surgery altogether. Well, here I am, a year later, no more pain, stronger than ever... And all without surgery!"

~ Andrea Hayes

"Susan Hunter has helped me to rediscover that I can do anything that I put my mind to. My joints hurt less, my body feels better, I've had to buy smaller clothes and get a new wardrobe, and compliment me on my looks. I'm not at the end of my journey but I feel that I'm making good progress, so just want to say thank you to Susan and Susan Hunter Lifestyle."

~ H. Stanley