The saying "we are what we eat" is never truer than when it comes to training our bodies! What you put into your body is the critical window before your training session and will be the single most important determiner of the quality of your workout. Get it right and you will fuel yourself through great results, a training session that will take you where you want to go.

In addition to physical exercise, nutrition is key to achieving and maintaining the physique and health you seek. Nutritious food must also be delicious to keep us on track. We provide nutritional guidance to ensure our clients reach their goals.

Clients committed to our 3-day-a-week program will receive ongoing nutritional counsel for the duration of their program.

Nutrition Guidance

When it comes to managing your weight, it can be a struggle at times. Balanced nutrition is the key! Working around your lifestyle, schedule, and needs, we'll help to develop a plan for you full of healthy foods you actually enjoy eating.

Plus, if you need help purging your pantry of "trigger" foods or learning how to navigate groceries, be sure to ask about our "Pantry Clean Up" or "Grocery Trip".

Grocery Trip

We'll take a tour of your supermarket of choice so you can learn how to read food labels and select healthy, satisfying foods low in calories and easy to cook!

Kitchen Clean Up

Together, we'll go through your kitchen cabinets, fridge, office, or car — or wherever else you spend time — so you can learn what to keep, trash, and/or replace with tasty, guilt-free foods!

Restaurant Tips

Eating out can be very challenging when trying to stay within your nutrition plan, but it is not impossible. We'll teach you how to eat healthy while dining out!